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Cisco CMX Engage
Transform your customer engagement strategy
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CMX Engage


  • Acquire customers and deliver targeted, interactive experiences through smart captive portals
  • Provide consistent, personalized, branded experiences at every touchpoint

CMX Engage Advanced


  • Create profile rules to define criteria for in-location personas and gain deep customer understanding and insights
  • Turn insights into action by delivering personalized engagements to consumer's mobile devices using the best available channel based on location, user preferences, and type of engagement.
  • Multichannel engagement capabilities include SMS, email, App push notification, and API Trigger.
  • Post user profile data gained from the CMX Engage on-boarding process to your loyalty and CRM systems using APIs. Understand and complete your omnichannel strategy by filling the missing gap - your at-location visitors. Reap the benefits by engaging your customers on a more personalized level.
  • Bidirectional integration with loyalty, CRM, POS, offer management, marketing cloud, ERP, PMS, etc.

Benefits of CMX Engage


Our platform is digitizing physical spaces in these industries today

Creating a Digital Hotel

Intercontinental Hotels Group partnered with Cisco to enhance its guest Internet experience and build a solid technology foundation for its more than 5,000 hotels worldwide

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Contact us by email at cmx-cloud-support@external.cisco.com or by phone at +1-877-330-9746

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